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Which Project Management Qualification?

Both the PMP (Project Management Professional) and Prince2 certification are very well regarded in the field of Project Management as employers are able to validate whether you have mastered the key concepts involved in the project management lifecycle and how to apply them.

If you are in the project management field or you would like to immerse yourself in this thriving discipline, there are certain steps you can take to advance your career by getting certified. But which certification will be right for you? Below we set out an overview of the important benefits of these two certifications and the potential job prospects for each one.

Industry Demand

Before you start on one or the other of these two certifications, it is important to do some research. One may in be in higher demand in certain geographical areas than the other and you will have to determine which one will be best to boost your chances of being employed. For example, in Canada, the USA, Australia, and the Middle East, PMP certification is preferred while PRINCE2 certification is recognized in Europe, the UK, and Australia.

In addition, some industry sectors prefer PRINCE2 certification while others are more partial to the PMP certification.

PMP Certification

This qualification program offered by PMI (the Project Management Institute) is regarded as one of the most highly respected certifications for project managers in the world and is used by various industries as a standard requirement for project management positions. It covers a wide range of techniques and competencies required for project management and will help to boost your earning potential.

A PMP qualification is an indication of your proficiency in the use of the PMBOK Guide (Project Management Book of Knowledge) and verifies your knowledge of the generally accepted principles and best practices of project management. The course is administered in the USA by PMI, but has also gained popularity in Asia and Europe.

Projects In Controlled Environments Certification

The Projects In Controlled Environments certification involves a Process-Based Project Management method that provides a systematic approach to project management with clear processes, steps, and templates. It is administered in the UK by APMG and is both project and process focused.

This qualification offers a high-level, broad and general framework of project management principles and is recommended for implementation on almost any type of project. It has a well laid out, standardized approach to project management that clearly demarcates the individual roles and responsibilities of project management team members. Furthermore, the master project plan is divided into specific plans including project plans, team plans, and stage plans that eliminate ambiguity, making it easier to execute a project successfully. As with PMP certification, this certification is also project and process focused.

Benefits of PMP or PRINCE Certification

PMP Certification

- Better salary prospects as professionals are given more frequent salary increases than non-certified project managers.

- Better networking opportunities as you are encouraged to become a PMI member which provides you with access to a vast network of other professionals with similar qualifications who can help you with contacts to land better jobs.

- Better employment prospects as the PMP certification is trusted and recognized worldwide by employers.

PRINCE2 Certification

- An extensive body of knowledge that equips project managers with the tools necessary to analyze and ensure the viability of a project from all angles before initiating it.

- A clearly laid out methodology that saves time and resources in a unique project.

- Standardization that eliminates confusion with common procedures, filing systems, and documentation.

- PRINCE2 certified project managers are required to self-assess and provide updates on cases at clearly defined points. This ensures that a project will deliver the right value to an organization and its customers. 

PMP certification is more related to the skills and knowledge required to successfully manage and deliver a project while PRINCE2 is more focused on the framework and processes involved in specific types of projects in controlled environments. Both certifications are recommended as it will help you develop comprehensive and well-rounded project management skills.

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