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What is An IT Internship

Because networking and computers have become so infused in the modern business model, a career in information technology is often sought after.

Technology itself continues to constantly change, businesses are often unable to keep staff that are fully up-to-date with all the advancements. This has led to many businesses looking for IT interns to help fill those demands in IT service management positions. Here we'll take a look at what you can expect when you take part in an IT internship. 

Why You Might Want To Be An IT Intern

A lot of students and newly graduated holders of IT degrees will roll their eyes at the first thought of doing an internship. This is too bad because it could turn out to be a very valuable experience. There are a number of great job opportunities that won't even take a look at you if you have a degree but no actual experience. Many of these companies simply don't have the capacity to put you through a full training experience and for that reason, they look for those who have some basic hands-on training.

When you do an IT internship it will give you that experience that not only improves your own personal skills but also gives you something extra on your resume. You are likely to find that human resource managers will take your internship more seriously than you think and it will set you apart from others who have a degree but no experience. 

Here's How To Find An Internship

For students who are still in class working on their degree the best place to start will be with a career advisor at your school as many of them have internships that are available. Your college may host an event which gives you the chance to volunteer for an internship with a leading tech company. There are also postings of internships that you can find online.

For those who are bolder, you can directly contact a company that you're interested in with the idea of you doing an internship for them. These companies may be particularly suited to your expertise and give you a chance to intern with a company that is most suited to the career path you want to take. Don't be surprised if finding the right internship is as involved as looking for a regular job but remember it can have a long-term impact on your career path.

What You Can Expect From An IT Internship

Every internship can vary to a degree. It will depend on the company with which you do the internship. Some can be completely unpaid while others will pay a very small amount and still others can pay a fairly regular wage.  Typical, internships will last between 1 to 3 months but some may go longer.  During the internship, you may be involved in a number of tasks while in other internships you will be there to assist in one main project that lasts throughout your internship. 

As an IT intern, it will be important that you remember that this is more than just an academic exercise. It can be the perfect chance for you to gain real-world experience and to set yourself apart from others who hold only a degree. Take the internship seriously and put forth your very best effort and you will find that it will pay off in getting you a head start in your career.

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