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What is a Gantt Chart?


In simple terms Gantt charts is described as a type of visual view containing tasks over a scheduled time frame. Gantt charts are typically used to plan projects regardless of size and are very useful for displaying the work scheduled for completion on a specified date or day. They also assist the user to see the start as well as the end date of the project in a single simple view. Most project management courses online such as those from Helix Learning will cover a section on Gantt charts.

On the Gantt charts you are able to see:

- The starting date of a project

- The tasks for the project

- When the tasks should start and when they should be finished

- The duration for each task

- How the tasks are grouped together, or when they link or overlap with one another

- The date that the project should be completed

In previous years people once planed on paper or with the use of colored blocks. Legos and Magnetic blocks were once a frequently used Gantt planning tool before Gantt chart software was introduced. This was even followed by event exhibitions that celebrated how Gantt progressed as time went by. 

Today, the majority of the Gantt charts are developed or created with Project Management software or in Excel. These charts are also in some cases known as Gantt chart software.

What You Need To Know About Gantt Chart Software

As soon as computers started to introduce innovative ways of operating, project managers discovered they were able to save on time when it came to creating or updating their own Gantt charts. The Gantt chart software which is also known as project management, project-scheduling software or project planning was introduced to automate processes to support Gantt requirements that were more advanced such as adding milestones, the creation of task dependencies, or the identification of critical paths associated with the project. 

Most project managers used to use the local-desktop programs such as Microsoft Project, with a lot that still do. Yet today, Gantt chart software is now available online, which allows any individual to create collaborative and shareable Gantt charts along with project plans. 

Who Uses Gantt Charts?

Today, just about anyone is able to use the Gantt charts to assist them in visualizing tasks. Due to the fact that any complex work is now completed by the computer algorithms, any person can now create simple task lists, add in start as well as end dates, while the software completes the work instantly by displaying the tasks as scheduled. 

The Gantt charts are an effective tool for these types of roles:

- Team Leaders

- Project Managers

- CEOs And CTOs

- Scheduling Managers

- Operations Managers

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