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What are ITIL and ITSM?

Many years ago, an employee had a job as an IT support analyst. This employee helped companies with a particular type of software product that managed various documents on the network. When a customer would call for help, the employee would use a variety of software programs that opened an incident. Opening an incident would describe the issue, identify the caller, and show the time and date that the incident was opened.

The IT department that this employee worked for was responsible for providing not only solutions for their company but they also had the responsibility for providing solutions for all of the company's customers with IT needs. This included assisting customers with creating knowledge articles, IT issues, and making sure that employees had the right assets to do the job.

People who are familiar with IT will also hear terms such as ITSM and ITIL during any discussion about IT service management. However, people who hear these terms may be confused about what exactly they mean. 

During the 1980s, IT service management practices emerged as many organizations were either planning to or migrating to digital technology. ITIL (IT infrastructure Library) refers to a set of documents that provide best practices and a framework for constructing an ITSM (IT service management solution). An organization that utilizes an IT infrastructure will be able to increase their efficiency while at the same time reducing service management costs. They will be able to do this as long as they follow recommended ITIL processes.

Besides best practices, ITIL procedures provide common terminology such as change, incident problem, knowledge, configuration item, and configuration management database. These are all examples of terms that are used by anyone who supports IT. People who desire to gain a better understanding of ITIL can find various educational facilities that focus on ITIL best practices. In fact, an ITIL certification is extremely valuable on an individual's resume.

ITSM (IT service management) is often mistaken as a software solution. However, ITSM is in reality a process about technology and people. Software is only one component of an ITSM solution. ITSM is a strategic approach for delivering, managing, designing, and finding ways to improve the way IT (information technology) is utilized within an organization. The goal of ITSM is to guarantee that the right people, processes, and technologies are being utilized so that an organization is able to meet its business goals.

ITSM software tools normally comes with several components such as a process engine, a database, and business objects. The software solutions that support IT service management are usually designed to coordinate with ITIL best practice recommendations. 

An organization, such as Helix Learning, will provide ITIL certification services for many of its ITSM  providers. They will evaluate an ITSM software solution and confirm that it is following ITIL best practices. It is vital to choose ITSM  tools that have been ITIL  certified. This will guarantee that your organization is planning to implement ITIL  best practices.

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