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Traits of a Successful IT Manager

What are you looking at when you think about the traits of a successful IT manager? Is it something as simple as knowing a little more than your peers? Or does it require a special set of skills and talents that can be developed over time? 

The hard truth is that a successful IT manager will most likely have specific traits everyone is going to recognize them by. And if you want to know what they are, just keep reading. 

Knowledge And Experience

Extensive knowledge and experience make up the foundation of a good manager. They've been there, they've done it, have obtained their ITSM certifications and they know how it works. In fact, they should know everything so well that team leadership shouldn't be a problem. 

Of course, it is not expected of an IT manager to specialize in every area, but their knowledge should put them in an authority position. More specifically, you can't be a successful IT manager if you don't know what you are managing. 

Good Communication Skills

When more than one person is involved in a project, clear communication is the key to reaching and maintaining a productive and effective IT division. But not every team member is going to get along with everyone else, which is where the IT manager needs to step in. 

As much as employees want the manager to be subjective, managers have to remain objective when disputes are raised. At the same time, they should try to bridge the communication gap between team members. 

But it doesn't stop there in terms of communication. Ideas, strategies, reports, assessments, these are topics the IT manager should easily communicate with clients and team members alike.  

Capable Of Making Executive Decisions 

Saying that an IT manager is capable of making executive decisions basically means he or she is not afraid to take responsibility for choices. They trust their instincts and skills so much they are willing to take certain calculated risks.

But you will also see the IT manager listening to his or her team, and taking these opinions into consideration. Because what is the point in managing a team you don't trust? And if you don't trust them, how can you reach that successful IT manager level?  

A Forward Thinker 

An important aspect of being a good It manager is based on vision. Can these individuals see what is coming, and can they establish a system that can adapt as necessary? 

Not too long ago, people were still storing their information in a bunch of file cabinets and on old drives. Now everything is cloud-based, making operations for all businesses more efficient. 

A successful IT manager stays on top of trends and changes while thinking of methods to add his or her own strategies to the mix.  

A Motivational Inspiration 

Lastly, a successful manager will be a natural motivator for the rest of the team. And this doesn't mean smiling all the time and being friendly 24/7. But it does mean getting your work done and being an example for the rest of the team.  

These are the typical traits of a successful IT manager. And now you have to ask yourself, can you see them when you look in the mirror?

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