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The Highest Paid Jobs in IT Security

The highest paid jobs in IT Security follow a logical progression from the professionals in the trenches to the Chief Information Security Officer at the top. Let’s take a quick look at the different levels in IT security and explore their income levels.

The incident responder is the itil certified service management technician in the trenches. They monitor systems for breaches. They show-up at the servers and desktops to remove threats. They perform the audits, penetration tests, and run malware tests to make sure systems are staying clean. An incident responder makes an average of $70,000 per year.

A security specialist analyzes the companies need for security improvements. They design, configure, and deploy security systems in the corporation. They work with incident responders to test systems and oversee penetration testing. Security specialists may be responsible for a team of incident responders. A security specialist makes an average of $73,600 per year.

The computer forensics expert steps in when security has failed. They analyze systems that have been compromised and work with law enforcement offices. They assist in tracing how the compromise occurred and who is responsible. They compile the information and may be called to testify as experts in legal cases. Computer forensics experts earn an average of $82,200 per year.

Security consultants are the outliers in our list. Security consultants are brought in from outside companies when a new perspective is needed. They share their expertise and assist in designing security systems. A security consultant may work with any level of security expert in a company, but usually reports directly to the security director or chief information security officer. Security consultants command an average of $84,000 per year.

Malware analysts are one of the most specialized people in our list. They are trained to dissect worms, trojans, viruses, and other malware to determine their threat to the company. They monitor systems for suspicious activity, work to quarantine any malware programs, then start their analysis. A malware analyst can work closely with computer forensics experts and outside malware solution providers. Malware analyst take home an average salary of $84,700 per year.

Security engineers are responsible for the hardware side of security. They specialize in firewalls, spam filter appliances, and malware protection systems. Their job is to make sure state-of-the-art solutions are in place providing security to both internal users and remote users. Security engineers work with security analysts in designing systems which integrate the hardware and software solutions. Security engineers receive an average salary of $87,000 per year.

Security managers implement the plans and policies coming down from the chief information security officer and security director. They work with lead personnel from all the areas we have already covered. Security managers bring together the diverse areas of the security team to build seamless systems to protect the company. They report directly to the director or security officer. Security managers make an average of $104,000 per year.

Security architects are often considered the brains behind the plans. They design the systems, set implementation plans, and look at the big-picture of the entire corporation. They are responsible for integrating systems between departments and between corporate branches. Security architects earn an estimated $120,000 per year.

Security directors are responsible for implementation, oversight, and planning. They communicate the security departments plans to other departments throughout the company. A security director must be a skilled communicator. Security directors earn an average salary of $137,000 per year.

Chief information security officers are the leaders of the security departments. The security officer is responsible for budgeting and finance, managing employees, and general management of the entire department. They need an in-depth knowledge of security paired with business administration. Chief security officers earn an average of $155,600 per year.

Increased pay in the IT Security field comes with added responsibility. Take time to evaluate where your desires lead you.

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