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Qualifications for Running Successful Projects

It doesn't matter what kind of IT work you want to do or what company you work for or plan on working for, having a project management certificate such as Helix Learning's Prince2 certification training can provide a boost to your career. With so many project management certifications out there, you might be wondering which ones are the best? Below are a few certifications you should consider getting. 

CompTIA Project 

If you earn this certificate, then you could be well on your way to landing a good paying job where you can earn around $80K per year. This certificate will help you develop skills in business and in communication, which will aid you in leading projects and completing them within a timely manner, as well as budget. Not only that, but you'll have plenty of confidence when the time comes to work on time-restricted projects. 

The certification is open to both non-IT professionals and IT professionals. It's also designed for those who would like to acquire project management experience. If you want to land a leadership role and increase your chances of taking on small to medium sized projects, then this is the certificate for you. 

IAPM (Certified Project Manager)

The IAPM certification is provided by the International Association of Project Managers and it is recognized around the world. It is a mid-level credential, and its curriculum focuses on developing project managers who are well-rounded. It emphasis skills such as finance, communications, HR and IT to name a few. 

Professionals who want to land a leadership role in the global business community will want to consider obtaining their IAPM certificate. This certificate sits in between an MPM certification and the PMP certification, in regards to the hours required to earn it. Once you earn the IAPM certificate, you could end up earning a salary of around $85K per year.


MPM is short for Master Project Manager, and this certification is given by the AAPM, short for American Academy of Project Management. The certificate focuses mainly on project management and you'll be learning similar things you would if you were studying towards getting the Project Management Institute certificate. However, you'll learn additional skills, such as business skills and technical management skills. 

Before you can acquire the MPM, you'll need to already have at least three years of project management experience. You also need to have completed specific education before you can get the certification. As for price, the MPM does not cost as much as the PMP. 

Certified ScrumMaster

Scrum Alliance provides the CSM certificate, and it's designed for project managers that utilize Scrum. This certificate is an entry level certificate. Once you've earned it, it will demonstrate to others that you have a basic and working understanding of Scrum methods and principles. Once earned, you can possibly earn a salary of a little over $85K per year.

Do you want to earn any of the above certifications? If so, then enroll in courses that will help you reach your goals. Before you know it, you'll have a project management certificate that will help you advance in your career.

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