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Managing Multiple IT Projects

If there is one field that has revolutionized the world that we live in it is information technology. Today professionals have access to software and hardware that can increase productivity to rates never before seen in human history. But with that increase in productivity and the ever increasing rates of IT evolution, many project managers are struggling to keep many moving parts in sync - especially when it comes to handling multiple projects at the same time. The ability to keep site and manage a raft of different business objectives, strategic imperatives, goals while still delivering a superior result within set time frames can tax even the most experienced of project managers.

Fortunately there are software suites that can help tremendously with project management certifications creating standard practices. However prior to even evaluating which software is best for managing these multiple projects the correct mindset is required and this means internalizing some simple rules that contribute to managing multiple projects.

Let's take a quick look at those and then an examination of some of the best project management tools available today.

The first step in successful management of multiple IT projects is the creation of a 'master plan' that allows for both a 'helicopter' and detailed task view with deliverable's.

Once this plan is in place and the task detail has been populated (including individual responsibilities it is absolutely essential that the master plan be kept current. A lack of discipline in this area can lead to extremely costly mistakes. One of the ways to ensure that planning stays on track is to interface with the project management team on a daily basis and consider the use of resource management software such as Float, Resource Guru or Teamdeck.

A good project manager will want to keep his or her finger on the pulse of multiple projects, however there can be a danger to this approach. there is always the tendency to micromanage. The best approach is rather to empower team managers, point them in the right direction and allow them to do their jobs. This is great for building team morale and avoids the pitfall of overcoming and eventually being overwhelmed by detail. It also makes it much easier to identify areas that require priority status.In this way the project flow and deliverables are kept under control and achieving milestones becomes easier.

Keeping these simple rules in mind will almost inevitably provide a structure that allows for efficient delivery - and delivery that is aligned to business objectives.

That said are there project management tools that can help those who are managing multiple IT related projects? Fortunately there are many to choose from.

Let's take a look at a few of the best choices - as chosen by experts and reviewed by users.

1. Clarizen. 

Developed to slot into existing processes at an enterprise level this tool allows the project manager to optimize workflow through control of tasks, content and process. On of the best ways that it shines is to improve delivery times - making meeting those business objectives easier to achieve even under the strictest of schedules.

2. Celoxis.

Used by some of the largest and most respected companies in the world (think Rolex, KPMG and LG) the 'web based' platform optimizes collaboration and project 'portfolio management' making it ideal for those project managers working on multiple IT projects at the same time. This really is a a great platform for project managers who want to simplify their lives (and the lives of their team) by using an all in one solution rather than multiple platforms.

Project managers are provided with a huge number of options - it just means finding the right tool that suits the process and requirements.

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