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Learning IT - Online Vs Classroom


Long gone are the days where students had to set their schedule around their classes and have to sit through them. Nowadays, there are new forms that have improved flexibility in where and how people learn from. 


If you are considering taking a new course in IT or getting a degree, you might be on the fence between taking an online course or taking the traditional classroom route. Well, you are not alone and in fact, some even end up going for both, as there are great benefits to having ‘double experience’. 


In this brief read, we are going to look at the pros and cons of each to help you make an informed decision. 


Online IT Training


Learning IT online calls for time, dedication and discipline, but if this isn’t an issue, then you will find it to be a great option, particularly if you don’t have much time on your hands. Most online degrees give a certificate of completion, and so, you’re going to get the same knowledge and recognition as you would in a traditional classroom course. 


The Pros


-Online learning is an excellent way to acquire new skills without pushing yourself too much.


-Most courses provide replays, thus allowing you to adjust your learning time in accordance with your daily schedule. 


-No mandatory attendance as you get to pick when to take your classes. 


-Online ITIL classes cost much less than traditional courses and you get to save money on transportation and accommodation. 


The Cons


-You’ll need to motivate yourself to not miss classes and be very disciplined when it comes to assignments. 


-You get to miss out on networking opportunities and campus culture. It is also hard to foster a real connection with your peers. 


Campus IT Training


The interactions that happen on campus and in classrooms usually lead to people developing excellent skills that can help them become leaders, team players and business people in the future.


The Pros


-Gain deeper knowledge as you were in class when a certain topic was being taught. Also, the opportunity to interact with other students increases your ability to grasp something. 


-A great opportunity to interact with others, which helps create a network of people and improve your social skills. 


The Cons


-Attendance is mandatory, which is often included in your grades. 


-If you don’t live near campus, the transportation costs can really add up. 


-If you work full-time, it can be hard to attend classes after work or during the weekend. 



As you can see, each form of learning has its ups and downs. It all comes down to what really works for your situation. You can even try both in order to really know which method is the best for you.

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