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Key Project Manager Skills

Proper management skills are essential for project managers. They are crucial to their success, and this has been proven over the years. They too know that the success of any project relies on their ability to make the right decisions. They are also expected to communicate with the involved parties accurately.  It, therefore, means that project managers are supposed to have a set of project management / prince2 certification skills to help them as they go about their work. 

The application of these skills helps project managers efficiently manage their work, thereby meeting the project requirements. To complete projects, project managers will need not only the right tools but also the right management skills. It means that they must be conversant with applying the proper techniques to their projects. Below are six essential skills.


Most of the time of a project manager’s time is spent communicating. It is crucial for project managers to convey ideas, goals, vision, and issues effectively. This is the backbone of a project’s success. Effective communication goes as far as producing good reports and presentations. As much as communication is a broad area, project managers should start with making sure that their presentation skills are spot on. 

Team Management

Project managers should lead their teams from a strategic point of view as well as from an operational point of view. The best project managers are those that excel in coordinating groups. Further, these are the managers that promote teamwork and know how to delegate duties properly. Other skills that are encompassed in team management are conflict resolution skills, goal setting and performance evaluation.


Managers who can lead others inevitably excel. As a PM, one of the skills that you should continually strive to improve is the leadership skill. With strong leadership skills, managers can have a positive impact on their team. As they say, positive energy is contagious. This way, project managers can get the most out of their teams.



These are skills that call for communication skills too. It has everything to do with how you can negotiate for whatever you need as a project manager to complete a project. You will need budgets, resources, schedules and a scope. Proper negotiation skills will ensure that all parties involved in a project are satisfied and that the success of a project is assured. 


Risk Management

It might be surprising, but it remains a fact that the best project managers are those who can predict calamity and formulate solutions beforehand. Managers who can do this increase their chances of completing projects successfully. Most managers may miss out on this skill since they don’t consider risk as seriously as they should.

Time Management 

It is important to possess the right skills to manage the time allocated to complete a project. Managers should know how to deal with the urgent tasks of the project. They should know what should come first, what part of the project should take the most time to accomplish and so on. Proper time management is as good as acing your project as a manager.

Coming up with realistic budgets and timelines is important for project managers. However, it is more important to keep your team organized, your time well managed and your communication spot on.

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