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IT Service Management - Finding Out More?


In this article, we will discuss, in simple terms, ITSM (IT service management) and what it encompasses should you wish to take and pass the itil foundation exam online. ITSM relates to all of the activities that an organization would perform in order to provide IT services to customers. This would include designing, planning, delivering, managing, and supporting these services. 

So just what are IT services? When you think of your workplace, consider all items of technology that are used around the office or establishment, such as laptops, any of the applications installed on your computer or the computers present, the printer used by your team, even the copy machine. These are the services that are provided by the IT team in your place of work. While IT users look to the IT department of their office to assist with day-to-day issues that pop up with the technology being used, this team completes other tasks involving ITSM other than support. 

ITSM is highly imperative for a plethora of reasons. It can work to regularize processes with the help of structured delivery as well as documentation, as well as reduce costs by forming a predictable IT organization. In regards to benefits to the business itself, ITSM can bring insights that aid in better decision-making by the company. 

Some of the benefits of ITSM that are IT-specific include the efficiency of IT, as well as clearly defining the responsibilities and roles in the company that lead to greater productivity. Also, it leads to reduced lifecycles of incidents, a greater understanding of IT services, and understanding of the best practices that lead to better process implementation. Of course, there are numerous benefits of ITSM that reach the entire business, as well. These include a better understanding of what the business needs to reach success, better management of the expectations within the company, increased cost efficiency, and a smaller impact of incidents on the business itself.

Selecting the correct ITSM processes for your business involves sitting down and figuring out what the business needs in order to reach greater success. While you want to implement incident management, it is also important (and a part of ITSM) to engage in problem management. If there is something that needs to be addressed in order for the business to operate more smoothly, addressing this issue is solving the problem. And being able to predict issues and work around what could go wrong is also a part of ITSM. Therefore, ITSM is an essential part of the business running the best that it can.

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