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IT Project Management and the Project Cycle

Are you planning a career in IT project management? It will be a very glorifying career, especially with the IT industry getting bigger every day. IT project management is a bit of everything that is involved in the information technology sector. It includes the proper structured approach to organizing, planning, leading a team, and controlling the different IT projects that come your way. There is the option for certification. Certifications like Prince2 can give you the IT project management skills you'll need. The job is both challenging and exciting, and you will be able to learn a lot if you are involved in this industry. Some of the most common IT projects that organizations prefer to undertake are as follows:

•    Network system upgrades

•    Hardware installations including desktop computers, servers, telephony systems, etc.

•    Data management

•    Software development and management

Now that you have an idea of what IT project management is and the different projects that are typically dealt with by the organizations, let’s take a look into the project life cycle and how it helps to improve sales volume:

1.    Initiation

There will be a sponsor and a steering committee or a governing team that will be appointed. This is the group that will be in charge of defining the objectives and goals of the project. Every project will have a project manager who will be appointed by the governing bodies. The project team will then be selected by the team manager and the governing bodies together. Lastly, a project charter will be created in the initiation phase.

2.    Planning

One of the most important parts of IT project management is the planning of how the project will be completed. The entire team headed by the project manager has to understand the deliverables. It is the responsibility of the project manager to define all the deliverables to each and every team member for intended outputs. There is a brain-storming session to make sure that the team members come up with a solution to complete the project. Every team member is assigned with a starting and a completion date. The tasks included in the project are finalized after the roles have been decided. 

3.    Execution

The execution of the project is dependent on how well the planning phase has gone. All the members of the team should be up to speed with their tasks. The project manager will have an online project management software that will help to check the status of the project. This also helps to see the completion stage of the team members. IT project management works on a definitive time period, and the success of the project depends on how quickly the project is being completed. So, it becomes an added responsibility for the manager to make sure that the team members are finishing their work on time.

4.    Controlling and monitoring

The reins of the team will be in the hand of the project manager. The IT project manager will control and monitor the work of each and every team member. He will be responsible for reviewing the tasks that have already been submitted. The project will be checked thoroughly so that the deliverables meet to perfection.

5.    Closing of the project

The project closure is another crucial part of IT project management. It is the final phase before handing over the project. This is the stage where the tasks are scrutinized by the board members before the project goes on air or is made public. 

As you can see, there are so many things that are involved in the IT project management course. It may seem to be tough, but the challenges that you face will make you a better project manager in the long-term.

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