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Day To Day Tasks if An IT Support Worker


By choosing a job as an IT support officer, you are choosing to be assigned to the nerve centre of most organizations. This is because most firms today rely on technology making the role of an IT officer central and very important. This article will discuss the areas you can expect to work in as an IT professional.


If there are any customers or workers in your firm who have any queries regarding the use of technology or network system, they will call you for answers. An It officer usually logs all questions provided by clients or workers and analyses them to find out which areas of the installed system may have faults.


If the workers in an organization have an urgent need for an IT expert, it is the work of the support officer to show up and address any queries or problems that the worker has. The response should be timely to avoid wastage of time and loss of money in a firm.


IT professionals also have the work of regularly testing and diagnosing the installed system to find where it is not working or where it has faults. Regular diagnosis is critical if a system is to function properly without any errors. Additionally, this professional also has to check that computer systems are properly connected to the electrical grid.


After carrying out a diagnosis of the installed system, it is also the work of an IT support officer to carry out any maintenance that is required. If extensive repairs and overhauls are needed, it is also the work of an IT officer to carry the repairs out.


An IT professional also has to install all the hardware and software needed in order to ensure that the computer and network system of a company is running smoothly. Sometimes this role may include recommending the changes in hardware required and sourcing the needed parts.


In a firm, a support officer usually has to set up user accounts for new employees or as directed by the management. They are also required to offer training to staff members who do not understand how the existing systems are supposed to be used. This can include offering in-house training certifications to old workers in case there is a system upgrade that is hard to use.


A professional in this line of work can also choose to offer complimentary after sales support to clients or other business that offer equipment and software. This is not strictly in the job description of support officers but one can do this to stand out among other professionals. After all, everybody likes a professional who offers extra complimentary services.

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