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Certification Options for IT Professionals

If you are someone that is looking to become an IT professional, you have a variety of options in order to not only get into the field, but also make advancements while in it. There are many certification paths including Prince2, Cisco CCNA and the well established information technology infrastructure library for IT service management. We'll be going over some of the top certifications that you are likely going to want to consider getting in order to advance in your career. 

Top Certification Options For IT Professionals: 

1. Leadership and Management Certificate. 

One of the best certificates that you are going to be able to get is a Leadership and Management certificate. This type of certificate can really provide you with much more leverage when it comes to getting a job higher up in the company that you are looking to work in. After all, you are going to be able to show that you have gone through extensive leadership and management training.

This can help because you will be able to showcase that you have the necessary leadership skills and knowledge that can make you a high level asset to the company. Rather than just having technical experience, you will be able to earn a higher level job due to the management and leadership skills that you have acquired alongside the technical expertise. 

2. Project Management. 

Another good certification that you are likely going to want to consider getting if you are looking to advance in your IT professional would be project management certification. This is imperative to a potential employer because they want to hire people to lead projects that have established credentials and knowledge with various high-level project management tasks.

Without having this type of knowledge and education, it is very unlikely that you could be the most effective candidate for handling and managing projects. Thus, by getting the certificate, you will automatically become a high-level asset within the company that you work and/or for a company that you are looking to get a high-level job with. Having project management certification can be invaluable if you want to move up in the IT industry. 

3. Risk Management Certification. 

Another essential certification that you are likely going to want to consider would have to do with risk management. Dealing with risk management is something that an IT manager is going to have to do. Thus, employers are going to want to see that you have proven exposure and knowledge on various risk management techniques, strategies, and more. 

Overall, there are plenty of certifications that you should consider getting if you want to advance in your IT career.

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