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About Project Management Certifications

Prince or Projects In Controlled Environments has become an increasingly popular form of project-management methodology. If you have had thought about whether you should be taking this course to assist your career, here are a few important facts which help you to decide whether this is the type of certification for you.

There Are 3 Levels of Qualification

You can choose to take one or all three of the certified qualifications you are able to take:

1. Foundation

This is the entry-level qualification which does not necessitate any prior experience or knowledge.

2. Practitioner

Involves a few pre-requisites, yet these are already covered if you decided to take the Foundation certificate.

3. Professional 

This is an advanced level for these qualifications. It is examined by one of the residential assessment centers where you will work through case studies over a number of days. 

The Exam Is Open Book

You are able to take the Prince2 course online and you can also take the manual into an examination room. You will not have enough time in order to search for every answer in the manual to ensure you finish the exam within the set time, so it is important to mark a few of the key pages so you can access them quickly. 

You Will Be Tested On Their Application 

The Practitioner examination uses a method known as Objective Testing. It is a multiple choice test, but not the type you may be used to. There will be a number of parts for every question, while each of the answers might have multiple parts. The focus is on testing your knowledge in the way you are able to apply knowledge into real projects. 

This examination is difficult, but when you have prepared well or you have prior experience with an Objective Testing format, you will improve your chances of passing this exam with ease. 

It Is Possible To Be Agile

There is also a Agile qualification that is for individuals that work in Agile Project Management environments. It is great for the project teams that have experience with using Agile, yet would also like to implement a degree of project management and structure into their work. 

Managed By AXELOS

This certification was once managed by a UK based firm known as Cabinet Office. Today, it is developed and managed by the organization known as AXELOS. which is one of the joint ventures between Cabinet Office and Capita. 

You Will Have To Re-Register

This certification unfortunately is not a type of "take it and forget it" qualification. Similar to the PMP credential, you are required to ensure your Practitioner stays up-to-date. This is to ensure you can carry on claiming that you are in fact a registered Practitioner. You are required to re-register at least every 3 to 5 years. 

Re-registration is conducted through an exam. It is a lot shorter than the standard Practitioner Exam. One of the advantages of re-registering on time will mean you will not need to take the full and longer exam. If you allow your Practitioner qualification to expire you will need to take the full examination again. 

There Are No CPD Requirements 

Unlike many of the other types of professional qualifications, you are not required to maintain a log associated with your CPD (continuous professional development). Nobody will be looking at this because this certification is not one of the membership-based organizations that often require this. 

It is still recommended to maintain your professional developments as well as carry on learning about new things along the way, yet you are not required to prove this to anyone as soon as you have obtained your qualifications.

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