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A Look At The Benefits of Being Project Manager Certified

 For project management consultants, getting project manager certified can be a huge asset for their business and that's one of the benefits of the prince2 certification track. While professional certification is not a requirement for one to launch a practice, getting certified can be beneficial to you and could help improve your credibility and will make it easier for you to charge higher rates. If you are thinking of getting certified, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and Project Management Professional (PMP) are the two certifications to go for today. 

While you can be a successful project manager even without a certificate, getting accredited can still be of help. Here is a look at four ways accreditation can be useful to you:

1. It Can Help Improve Your Billing Rate

Experience and education are the two main things that generally determine a consultant’s base rate. However, adding a known certification to your resume could help bump up your service charge rate. How? Because a majority of large and medium corporations prefer hiring or working with project managers who are certified. Many businesses are willing to pay more for that level of expertise and tend to make it a requirement when hiring project managers. 

2. Creates More Opportunities 

The number of people who are project management certified is increasing, and as it continues to rise, so does the number of corporations who recognize the importance of working with qualified professionals. Having PMP or CAPM certification will have an impact on your chances of getting hired or missing out on an opportunity as it is one of the things a client might consider when deciding to hire you or not.

3. Offers International Recognition 

As a majority of project management certifications such PMP meet international requirements and standards, getting one will open up a world of opportunities for you. Most of these certifications are ISO-accredited, which means that as a certified project manager, you can work with international companies and clients with a global presence. 

4. Establishes Credibility 

To get PMP or CAPM certified, there are a couple of specific and rather stringent guidelines that you have to meet. These guidelines measure your professional knowledge, experience, and education. Apart from taking (and passing) a test, you will also be required to have at least 3 to 5 years of experience (depending on your level of education as a project manager), and have accrued about 4,500 to 7,500 hours of managing and leading projects. To become a certified project manager, you must also agree to adhere to an industry-centric code of ethics and professional conduct. Becoming a certified project manager is not that simple, but the title epitomizes a high-level of experience and professionalism that instantly boosts your credibility as a project management consultant.

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