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5 Traits of a Successful IT Manager

In the modern world, it is pretty much impossible to run a business without some sort of digital system in place. Even if it is just to record transactions and take note of stock, having the right system is critical for a thriving business to sustain growth. But many companies still try to operate without the proper IT structure in place, or they are simply using a very dated system, which probably hinders the overall productivity. Typically these are the companies that require the 5 traits of a successful IT manager.  

1. In-Depth Knowledge  

The first trait of a successful IT manager is his or her depth of knowledge. In other words, experience and how much the IT manager knows are significant variables.  

Just like any other leader, the IT manager should have more than just a basic understanding of the technology being used. In fact, they should specialize in several areas before taking on the responsibility of being an IT manager altogether. Experience with various technologies is essential. Holding credentials in IT service management such as ITIL foundation certification can be a really strong attribute.

2. Good Decision-Making Skills 

The second trait comes down to good decision-making skills. Companies want to be able to trust their IT managers to make the right calls at the right time. 

But this is not going to be the case if the IT manager doesn't show the necessary confidence to take responsibility. Given that business owners hire IT managers to provide more than just clarity on a complicated topic, a successful IT manager is the individual who isn't scared to take a calculated risk.   

3. A Great Communicator 

It's common to associate managers with people who've excelled at their jobs, which is why they retain the position they have now. But this isn't necessarily the case. 

A lot of managers actually get to their position based on their ability to communicate. Because good communicators are able to make team members work together, the result is more productivity. 

Good communication isn't just effective for making team members productive. It also affects how much clarity each team member will have in terms of what needs to be done. So, it is typical for a successful IT manager to have clear communication skills 

4. Vision 

IT systems are never going to stay the same forever. As history has shown, a better and faster way of doing business is just around the corner, and it will most likely involve technological updates. 

A successful IT manager will know when to implement a change to the system, as well as how to make it happen.  

5. Finding Quick And Effective Solutions 

Lastly, a successful IT manager will provide their clients with quick and effective solutions. Because nothing can drain the resources of a company like troubleshooting the operating system, and a good manager won't let this happen. 

Some individuals will naturally have these traits, but it is definitely possible to develop and hone them over time. However, it takes a lot of determination and effort to reach a level of success, which makes successful IT managers so special to have around.

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